LED 3-way A19 Lamp 12 watt 2700K (100 watt eqv.)


energy ENERGY STAR® certified light bulb.


The LED Dimmable A19 light bulb provides 25,000 hours of service – lasting 22.5 times longer than incandescents. These LED light bulbs are energy efficient and use up to 80% less energy than standard incandescents. It is also equipped with a 300° beam angle that produces even light from the socket base in all directions.
Some applications for this bulb include lamps, decorative fixtures, ceiling lights, and enclosed outdoor fixtures.
Rated Life: 25,000 hours
Rated Watts: 4/8/12w (40/60/100w eqv.)
Light Output: 500/1000/1500 Lumens
Excellent color consistency and high color rendering (CRI): 2700K/CRI:81.
Very durable: solid-state lighting technology significantly reduces lighting service & maintenance due to robust lighting design.











This bulb is 80 percent more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs, saving up to $9 per bulb, per year.






Lumens measure the total amount of visible light from a light bulb. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the lamp will appear.

This bulb has 500/1000/1500 lumens.





Color temperature is expressed in kelvin using the abbreviation “K”, a unit of measure for absolute temperature.

This bulb has a color temperature of 2700K, which emits a warm bright light perfect for most rooms.

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