powerlines in sunset

The phrase “energy use” includes the use of energy sources for electricity generation, fuel for transportation, and other uses of fossil fuels, such as the manufacture of petroleum products like plastic.

Though use of renewable energy resources is growing, it’s not growing fast enough to offset dwindling fossil fuel reserves.

The continued use of fossil fuels at current rates, aside from hastening the shrinking of reserves, also impacts the environment. If current usage trends continue, fossil fuel emissions will increase by 70% over the next 35 years.

As our emissions increase, so too will our carbon footprint; as our carbon footprint increases, the effects of global climate change will rapidly multiply.

It’s clear that increasing energy efficiency is extremely important. By shifting our habits from uninhibited use of fossil fuels to measured and efficient use, we can slow the advance of climate change while simultaneously extending our coal and crude oil reserves.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

There are a number of steps that can be taken today to help lessen global reliance on fossil fuels. Even simple steps to increase energy efficiency—one-time decisions and small daily changes—can have big impacts.

The first step is evaluation. Get a home energy audit performed by a licensed auditor. Your utility company may even have energy efficiency programs that offer this type of service.

Next, look at appliances and equipment. Replace outdated appliance models with new, energy efficient and ENERGY STAR® models when possible. A wide variety of energy efficient lighting products, including bulbs and lamps, are available, as are occupancy-sensing light controls, programmable thermostats, and more.

When appliance upgrades not possible, look into energy management techniques—done properly, managing how energy is used can be just as efficient as using new equipment. There is a wealth of energy efficient and energy management educational materials that you can distribute to your customers.

Why Save Energy?

It goes without saying that energy efficiency is good for the environment. It’s also good for people and their health. With less emissions coming from vehicles, power plants, and industrial facilities, there is less air pollution.

Want to get a jump start on becoming more energy efficient? Download this Home Energy Audit guide and find simple things you can do around your house to save energy.